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The Weird is a crew of artists spread all over Germany and Austria, founded in 2011. The ten members come from a graffiti background and focus on high quality character design in unique recognizable styles. They work as artists, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers. Each one a serious heavyweight styler, they prefer a maverick illustrative [...]

The compilation of poster design works from russian hip-hop artist Andre “Cike1″, currently based in Germany.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

New cans stuff from Montana Germany! 1 new special paint and 3 usefull writers tools. Check all new stuff in Montana cans special page on our site.

Big review of fresh OTD crew’s works. OTD is new generation of russian grafftiti writers, developing classic graffiti styles.

Cone – german graffiti-artist, illustrator and DJ. Crewmamber of famous graffiti collective The Weird.