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New cans stuff from Montana Germany! 1 new special paint and 3 usefull writers tools. Check all new stuff in Montana cans special page on our site.

Today we come across a fun Montana spray paint can concept by designer Antonio Brasko. After having worked with big clients including Nike, EA, adidas, Dr. Martens, Adobe and many others, Brasko spends his free time on some more original personal work, involving his favorite brands. Seen here above is his Montana spray paint concept, [...]

Official instagram Montana Colors, Spain

С 30 апреля по 1 мая в городе Пушкин (Ленинградская область) прошёл фестиваль Montana Jam – Urban Starz, в котором приняли участники из Москвы, Питера и Нижнего Новгорода: Floksy – Mednoy – Игрок74 – LST – Ykor – Snow – Stan – Max13 – t3k – Emka – Sjam. Фотоотчёт с мероприятия прилагается.