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The Weird is a crew of artists spread all over Germany and Austria, founded in 2011. The ten members come from a graffiti background and focus on high quality character design in unique recognizable styles. They work as artists, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers. Each one a serious heavyweight styler, they prefer a maverick illustrative [...]

Cone – german graffiti-artist, illustrator and DJ. Crewmamber of famous graffiti collective The Weird.

Новая работа европейской команда райтеров и иллюстраторов The Weird, названная ими “Leonardo Da Weird”. Rookie, Dxtr, Nychos, Low Bros, Frau Isa, Look, Cone, Vidam, Herr von Bias Saarbruecken, Germany. 4560 Urban Art Meeting