About us

Graffiti calalogue Urban Roots is a collection of the most interesting and quality graffiti of the ex-Soviet Union. We don’t claim to call ourselves the pioneers or exclusive. We just collect and publish the best of what has been created on our graffiti scene.
Urban Roots displays contemporary graffiti as it is, covering dozens of ex-USSR cities and towns. We highlight new ideas and approaches, publish street walls and commercial works, canvases and computer graphics, sketches and designer developments. We have no vandalism and primitivism at our catalogue. We prefere high level and quality.

Send your works for Urban Roots.

All images must be in high resolution without compression and special art edition. In the case of scanning of printed images desired resolution is 300 dpi.

All files must be accompained by a description: “who-where-when” make the work. Our mail: urbanrootsmag@gmail.com .

Urban Roots, by Stan One in Russia, is one of the coolest and best graffiti magazines in print. It’s big (#5 is 174 pp), well printed, and full of fresh styles from Russia, Eastern Europe, and beyond. It’s in its 5th issue now, but very few people have seen any of them yet, which is tragic. Ask your stores to buy some. Urban Roots is in both English and Russian languages, but it’s 98% photos and almost free of advertising, just like we like.

Art Crimes ( www.graffiti.org )

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