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8th October 2012 | Tags: , , ,

First question: why are you making street art?

I paint for fun. I dont know if street art is the word to define my work. I dont paint much in the street…

So you dont like the name street art when it is used about your works?

I dont really know what it should be called, some people call it graffiti and some other street art. I really dont care. I started painting graffiti, and then I started doing characters and big walls I dont know. I think they are just interventions in outdoor spaces.

Do you make only legal works or also illegal?

Normally I paint in abandoned factories, and its legal in a way, in abandoned spaces normally nobody cares , but if police comes depends on the officer you have to leave or maybe you can staySometimes I have the opportunity to paint a wall with permission, so we do it legally, like here in Katowice.

So generally you make big things? Like a huge format?

It depends, normally if I have a big wall, I paint a big work. But when I cant find a big wall I paint what I have.

What impact would you like to have on the city?

I paint for myself, for having fun. I wouldnt be doing it if I didnt like to do it. If people like it, its even better, but its not my main purpose.

Talking about your works, whats your biggest ambition, dream? What would you like to accomplish?

I dont know. I would like to keep having the same amount of walls that I have now. I guess that my dream would be to become faster, but its not so easy.

Was there any shift in your style of works?

Yes, I started painting with graffiti people from my town, they were making letters, and I was making characters between letters. After a while I had a stupid injury in my finger for pressing in a wrong way the spray cans. So I started to use more brush instead of spray. At the same time the guys I was painting with, said that my works were not cool anymore because I was not using spraycans, so we finished our cooperation. After that I started painting for myself, trying to do more characters and big paintings.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everything that surrounds me influences me in a good or bad way.

How do you manage to do works in such a huge format?

Its practice, its not difficult for anybody I think. Its just that you need more time to spend. You have to go far to take a look more often because some parts might be smaller that you expected. But at the end it is just a matter of practice.

You are 22 years old, and you sound as if you have been making art for a very long time. When and how did you become interested in this kind of activity?

When I was at high school, I met some guys who were breakdancing and listening to hip hop and I started to hanging around with them , one day they said lets go paint some wall. We went to buy some sprays and we went painting We just did a really huge mess I tried to go and fix it the next day but it ended even worst. Since then its been like a personal challenge.

Do you work mostly with a group of people or always alone?

I have a group called Mixed Media, it was supposed to be a mixture of techniques. But at the end we just paint with acrylic or spray not a big deal.

Whats your favourite work that youve ever made?

I dont have any favourite one I have some works that I really hate :)

by Marta Rauk
Aryz site

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