The idea for the Kaleidoscope cans is based on the transparent, glass like layers of MadC’s canvases. They too combine the strong and the fragile in one piece. What happens by chance is combined with well thought through elements of calligraphy, taken from the canvases and transferred into hand cut pieces of thin coloured glass. When the Kaleidoscope is directed towards the light, the shapes are being reflected in the mirrors to create images in endless variations.

One of MadC’s tools to create her canvases is the spray can. The spray can also is an important part of MadC’s creative history. Therefore the Kaleidoscope also appears in the shape of a 600ml spray can that was especially produced in various pieces of anodised aluminium and is limited to 8 pieces. Each Kaleidoscope is painted differently and filled with coloured glass and crystal elements that match the outside of the Kaleidoscope.

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