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The 80′s Conspiracy crew (Urges, Cemo, Aseb, Neist) from London.

Greg Coulton – designer and illustrator, with a pinch of typographer thrown in for good measure. Communication design is in my blood, and the fundamental principles of good design always find their way into my illustrations. Be it through the use of typography as a vehicle for my drawing, or perhaps just the desire to [...]

MadC mural in London

3rd September 2013 Обзоры | Tags: , , , ,

Right after Sweden I went to London to paint a massive mural in Shoreditch. It took me 3 beautiful but long days, a scissor lift and lots of paint to finish it. The wall is in good company next to Reka, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Ben Eine and more, so go check it out when you [...]

Very interesting street photographer from UK.

Английский райтер Дайэлектрикум с оригинальным нью-скульным шрифтовым стилем.

Compilation of fresh works of english style master Jiroe (Giroe), crewmember of famous graffiti collective Heavy Artillery.

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Дело Blu живёт и побеждает. Уличный художник Jo Peel в своей работе Things Change (Все меняется) соединил мультипликацию и граффити.