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New art and cultural project titled Our Journey, marking the UAEs 43rd National Day celebrations. Expected to enter the Guinness World Records as the worlds longest graffiti, Our Journey is 2,180 metres long.

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Sofles (DTS, Ironlak team). Melbourne, Australia

Ghetto Blaster Cap by Ironlak

23rd March 2013 , | Tags: , , ,

SOFLES takes the new Ironlak Ghetto Blaster Chisel Cap for a test drive and loves the results. Ghetto Blaster transforms any Ironlak can into a large chisel cap which is capable of super sharp line work or large flares. The (black/Roarke) 400ml Ironlak can was making lines from 15cm wide to pencil thin! The 600ml [...]

Ironlak family members KEMS and EWOK joined up with TRAV just in time to see the sun set over Las Vegas. The finished flicks will be up soon but in the meantime heres some progress shots of it all happening.

- Dare

8th March 2012 | Tags: , , ,

Bombing science Dare. Does (, Loveletters). : 1 : 1 Ironlak Diamond Pack + 2 Ironlak Strikers Sets + Ironlak Sketchbook 2 : Ironlak Strikers Set + Ironlak Sketchbook 3 : 1000 Forum Credits : : “DARE” ( -!) [...]

7th December 2011 | Tags: , , , ,

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