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Joram Roukes is a painter from Groningen, the Netherlands. Born 1983 in Lelystad. Currently working in his own studio in Groningen, the Netherlands. His large scale oil paintings are observations and representations of modern day society and human behavior. Roukes’ paintings are characterised by both irony and a more serious hue. This juxtaposition evokes confusion [...]

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French street artist Dran uses his art to comment on issues concerning contemporary society. Being donned “the French Banksy” by some, his approach to street art is similar to the English graffiti artist in tone and message. Dran utilizes his dark sense of humor to criticize modern culture, often tackling topics concerning art, creativity, and [...]

Natalia Rak was born in 1986. She starts to paintin age of 10 years. Graduated of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland) and live and work in Warsaw. She is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer and street artist.

Alexey Mednoy was born and raised in Ivanovo (Russia), but last years moved to Moscow. He is more concentrated on art works with canvases and computer graphic. But in in the past he was a crewmamber of famous russian graffiti crew SAP13.